Happy Clients

“Denny has been a wonderful addition to our business endeavors! We are a start-up business with little time to invest in bookkeeping and he has been everything we were seeking. From our first meeting, we felt Denny’s passion for what he does, and it established a foundation of trust and respect that has been sustained since. He is very reliable and quick to respond to questions. He is personable, knowledgeable, and genuine in his interest in our business. We have enjoyed our time with Denny and recommend his services to anyone seeking a reliable and passionate financial assistant!”

– J.V.

“Since bringing on Denny as our dedicated bookkeeper, we have saved countless hours which allows us to focus on what we do best. Denny is organized, well-informed, and prompt with all of his work and reporting. In addition to his technical capabilities and financial knowledge, Denny is a pleasure to work with because of his friendly demeanor and positive attitude. 10/10 would highly recommend his services to anyone!”

– N.J.

“Denny’s mission statement is something like, “so you can do what you love”. I find that to be exactly what he has provided me the luxury of since I started our business. I am a detail oriented guy who likes my hands in everything, so to turn my books over to another person was hard for me but absolutely one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career so far. I have been nothing but 100 percent satisfied every single time I sit down with Denny or talk with him on the phone. He’s thorough, hard working and honest. He does not waste your time or money. Most important to me is that he genuinely wants to help you! I highly recommend him!”

– A.J.

“Denny has been great to work with. We use him to manage our bookkeeping and keep things organized. I like that it is a flat fee every month and there aren’t little fees that keep popping up. He is quick and meets his deadlines. I would hire him again.”

– N.D.

“Amazing guy! He has been a wonderful addition to our company! Very trustworthy, reliable, professional, and all-around great accountant! He is very eager to do whatever we ask or may need! Denny works with our CPA. We use Quickbooks online and he is very familiar with it! He runs payroll and pays our taxes weekly. I would recommend Better Bookkeeping to any business!”

– M.B.

“Better Bookkeeping LLC has been a wonderful asset to my practice. They work with my CPA firm to ensure my books are up-to-date and accurate. This has freed me up in my off-hours to live my life and enjoy my hard-earned personal time which is difficult for a small-business owner. Highly recommend Denny!”

– W.B.A.